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Title : Quran explorer

Description :
Quran explorer provides access to interactive streaming audio of Qur'anic recitations and translations in Arabic, English and Urdu. The main page of the site also contains basic information about the Qur'an as well as links to live online Qur'an tutoring (by subscription) and further Web resources on Islam. The main attraction of the site, however, is the Quran explorer interface, which provides easily navigable recitations and translations of the full text of the Qur'an. Users can decide what to listen to by chapter and verse, and can choose between six different reciters as well as audio of translations in English and Urdu. The Arabic text of the passage is highlighted on screen as the recitation plays, and users can opt for the Arabic text only or side-by-side text translations in English, Urdu, German, French, Indonesian, Malay and Turkish. Although the site is mainly designed for Muslims interested in reading and reciting the Qur'an and does not provide further interpretation of the text, it will be of interest to students and researchers who would like to read the Qur'an and get a sense of the sound and rhythm of the Arabic text.


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