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Title : Islam at universities in England : meeting the needs and investing in the future

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This website enables access to the full-text of 'Islam at Universities in England: Meeting the Needs and Investing in the Future'. The report, written by Dr Ataullah Siddiqui of the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, was commissioned by and submitted to Bill Rammell MP, Minister of State for Lifelong Learning, Further and Higher Education. Its brief was to look at the measures that could be taken 'to improve the quality of information about Islam that is available to students and staff in universities in England'. The study, which began in August 2006, was presented on the 10th of April 2007 in this report under the following chapter headings: Introduction; The Changing Context of Islamic Studies; The Current Debate; Defining Islamic Studies; Who is Providing the "Islamic Studies"; Universities and Communities; Chaplaincy and Muslims; Training of Staff; Findings From the Student Study; and Recommendations. A glossary of terms is also provided. Lecturers and students of Islamic Studies would find the report thought-provoking and interesting.


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