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Title : Hadith al-Islam

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Hadith al-Islam is part of a larger website run by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Islamic Affairs. It provides information on various topics related to Islam and Islamic practice with links to the specific Hadith texts in which these topics are addressed. The Hadith (sayings of the Prophet) are available in six languages in addition to Arabic; the translated texts are accessible mainly through subject classifications or indexes. The Arabic version of the website gives access to a wider variety of both classical and modern texts related to the Hadith. It provides fully vocalised electronic versions of the full text of the six most authoritative Hadith collections, as well as other collections, a number of commentaries, and biographies of the Prophet. The English version of the site will be useful to students and researchers at all levels who wish to know more about Islam through the Hadith, while the Arabic version provides access to a wide range of easily navigable primary source texts that will be of use to advanced students and researchers.


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