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Title : َQuran al-Islam

Description :
Quran al-Islam is part of a larger website run by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Islamic Affairs. It provides information on thematic topics related to Islam, with links to the Qur'anic verses in which these themes are explored. It also includes the full text of the Qur'an in Arabic and in six other languages; these texts are searchable or navigable by verse. The site also provides a number of electronic versions of both classical and modern Islamic texts in Arabic related to the Qur'an that are fully vocalised and searchable. These include four complete works of tafsir (Qur'anic exegesis). The interface is available in a number of languages, including English, French and Arabic, but the electronic texts in Arabic must be accessed through the Arabic interface. The English version of the site will be of use to students and researchers at all levels who wish to learn more about Islam and the Qur'an, while the Arabic version will be of great interest to researchers looking for easily accessible and navigable primary texts.


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