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Title : Islamic Manuscript Association

Description :
The website of The Islamic Manuscript Association (TIMA) provides information about the activities of the organisation as well as descriptions of online catalogues and collections of Islamic manuscripts. The organisation, founded in 2006, describes itself as 'an international effort to protect Islamic manuscripts', and runs projects related to issues of cataloguing, conservation, digitisation, and research and publishing. The website provides a number of resources on these themes that will be of interest to scholars and archivists working with Islamic manuscripts as well as to those working in manuscript studies more generally. It will also be of direct relevance to scholars of Islamic Studies looking for primary sources, as it includes links to: outside projects related to Islamic manuscripts; the UNESCO memory of the world register, which includes nine collections related to Islamic studies; eight online catalogues of Islamic manuscripts; 11 digital manuscript collections; and more general resources for research. This is a good first source for information on Islamic manuscript collections, with links that will lead researchers to further valuable resources.


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