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Title : Middle East virtual libraries

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Middle East Virtual Libraries is a well-annotated guide to online versions of Islamic texts in Arabic and Persian. The Web page forms part of the resources provided by the University of Utah's Aziz S. Atiya Middle East Library. It offers links to outside websites that provide the original texts in Arabic or Persian, often with translations into English or other languages. Many of the available texts are fully searchable in English and/or the source language. The websites listed focus on Islamic sources and religious works: the Qur'an (online texts, commentaries and translations); the Hadith (text databases in English and Arabic for the traditions of the Prophet); and other works in various branches of the traditional Islamic sciences. Some sites also contain texts of classical Arabic or Persian histories, poetry, or other genres. Annotations to the links guide users to the most appropriate resources for their purposes, and alert them to particular religious or political perspectives. This is an excellent resource for finding Islamic texts online, though it will be most useful to advanced students and researchers with a solid background in Islamic studies and the appropriate languages.


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