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Title : Future of humanity institute

Description :
'The Future of Humanity Institute' (FHI) describes itself as... "a unique multidisciplinary research institute at the University of Oxford" operating as part of the Oxford Faculty of Philosophy. The Institute seeks to engage in pioneering research in the ethics of areas such as: 'Human enhancement'; 'Global catastrophic risks'; 'Rationality and wisdom' in decision-making; and 'Future technologies'. The FHI website offers a full description of FHI staff, and there are also progress reports to download in PDF format. Video is available for some of the guest lectures at the FHI. The pages that detail each of the main research strands also offer full-text PDF papers for download, and links to FHI weblogs.


Uncontrolled Keywords : posthuman; augmented humans; nanotechnology; ethics of mass surveillance; rational thought; ethics of decision making; long view; disasters; extreme-longevity cultural archives; access to information; intelligence enhancement; life-stream storage and access; robotics (ethics)

Controlled Keywords : applied ethics; professional ethics; ethics and technology;

Language : eng;

Period : 2000 - present;

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