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Title : Aboriginal languages of Australia

Description :
This is a gateway website of links to over 200 online resources on about 80 of the Aboriginal languages of Australia. The links are well annotated and can be accessed via resource type, language, or state. They include: dictionaries; grammars and descriptions; organisations; language names and maps; language rights and policy; maintenance and revival; academic papers; courses; education and teaching; texts; vocabularies; place names; songs and sounds; and bibliographies. Languages of mainland Australia and the Torres Strait Islands are covered.


Uncontrolled Keywords : aboriginal languages; indigenous languages; Torres Straits Islands; language revitalisation; language revitalization; language death; language loss; language shift; language rights; dictionaries; language documentation; language description

Controlled Keywords : language and languages; Australian languages; endangered languages; language revival; language maintenance; language policy; language planning; Australia;

Language : eng;

Geographic Name : Australia; Torres Strait

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