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Title : Al-Islam

Description :
Al-Islam is a highly informative website which is maintained by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da'wah and Guidance. It not only provides information on a wide range of issues on Islam (e.g. faith; knowledge; moral and manners; jihad; food and drink; acts of worship; rulings and judgements; and crimes), visitors are shown the relevant verses of the Quran and the Hadith where these are derived from. There are also sections on Quranic stories; the Hajj and Umrah; Islamic History; Sacred Mosques; and the Zakah. There are, in addition, a picture gallery; videos and links to other online resources. The site, which holds a search engine, can be accessed in Arabic, English, French, German, Indonesian, Malay and Turkish. It should be an interesting resource for those seeking to learn about Islam and is suitable for undergraduate use.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Hadith

Controlled Keywords : Islam; religion (discipline); religious history; Quran;

Language : eng; ara; fre; ger; tur;

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