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Title : Euro-Islam

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The Euro-Islam website provides information on Islam and Muslims in Europe and the United States as part of a European Commission-funded project based at the GSRL (Groupe de Sociologie des Religions et de la La´citÚ), a CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) research institute in Paris. Two of the most useful sections are: News, consisting of brief summaries of stories with links to full-text articles; and Country Profiles, presenting comprehensive background information on Muslim populations in 13 European countries and four cities. The country profiles include information on: demographics; the labour market; education; state and church relations; political participation; Muslim organisations; Islamic practice; public perceptions of Islam; media coverage; and legislation relating to Islam. Essays presenting transnational analyses of some of these issues are being developed, and the structure of the country profiles is useful for transnational comparison as well.

The site also includes: information on current and past research projects; an extensive bibliography; and links to websites on Islam as well as to relevant journals, research groups and institutes. The site is a valuable resource for all researchers and students looking for reliable and current information on Islam in Europe and the United States.


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