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Title : Census in England and Wales, The

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This Website is created by the UK government to provide information to the public on recent and past censuses in the country. The upcoming 2011 census has subpages here, with the latest news and frequently asked questions. A subpage advises genealogists on the legislation governing the use of censuses for their research. And academic researchers will note several guides to the 2001 census under the get data menu subheading found on the main homepage. There are search engines and online reports referring to local government, parliamentary constituencies, parishes, postal districts, and urban and rural regions. Also of interest here are results correlated to migration within, into and out of the UK, with origin and destination matrices. Additional services outlined here are provided by Office of National Statistics to conduct specific census searches on behalf of individuals making enquiries. Other useful information here includes a glossary; an explanation on data comparability over time; and census geography from 1801 to 2001.

Historians and other scholars should check the information here about the censuses from 1801 to 1991. Prior to the 1960s, census information is available in the form of printed reports. However, a subsite, A Vision of Britain Through Time, concentrates on the historical censuses from 1801 onward and provides special search engines and a historical mapping function, as well as reports, abstracts and summaries of findings. Of interest to cultural and social historians is the Vision subsite entitled Travelers' Tales, which provides full text historical travelers' accounts of England from the 12th to 19th centuries. A news section here describes the most recent finding aids which have been added to the Vision site.


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