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Title : Association of Muslim lawyers

Description :
This is the homepage of the Association of Muslim Lawyers in the UK (AML). Established in 1995, the organisation works on important issues that impact upon the lives of Muslims in Britain and draw attention to those that affect Muslims in other parts of the world. To this end, they organise seminars and conferences where such matters could be debated and possibly resolved. Despite its name, membership is also open to non-lawyers and students, and to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It publishes a journal called 'The Muslim Lawyer', the full content of which could be accessed without charge from here. The site also makes available the latest news from the association and information about upcoming events and membership. It holds an online directory of Muslim legal practitioners in the country, and provides links to online resources on Islamic Law as well as the homepages of relevant organisations. Information is further given about recently published books on Islam and Islamic Law. Viewers can also read about projects involving the association, and their response to the Law Commission's proposal on Islamic marriage. This resource should benefit those studying the experience of Muslims in contemporary Britain.


Controlled Keywords : Muslim; United Kingdom; Islam; sharia law; legal profession; islam; united kingdom; islamic law;

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Period : 20th Century (1946 - 1999); 2000 - present;

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