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Title : Linacre centre for healthcare ethics

Description :
The Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics aims to assist Catholics and others to explore bioethical issues from the perspective of Catholic moral teaching. Based in London, it operates under the trusteeship of the Catholic Trust for England and Wales, and the directorship of Dr Helen Watt. This homepage contains online papers written by their staff on a wide range of issues such as: abortion; AIDS; brain death; cloning; euthanasia; fertility treatment; genetics; hybrids/chimeras; organ donation; prolonging life; and stem cell research. On a few of these topics, viewers can also find the centre's submission to government committees and other official bodies. The site provides information about events organised by the centre (e.g. conferences and forums) and the facilities they are able to offer to researchers (e.g. a specialist bioethics reference library which holds over 6000 titles). Links to relevant websites are available. This would be a useful resource for those interested in Catholic Bioethics.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Catholic bioethics; healthcare ethics

Controlled Keywords : professional ethics; social ethics; Christianity;

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Period : 20th Century (1946 - 1999); 2000 - present;

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