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Title : Inca ushnus : landscape, site and symbol in the Andes

Description :
This website, from the Department of Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London, aims to examine how the Inca Empire (the largest Native American state in history, from 1400-1532) modified and altered the landscape on which it was built to provide a more solid economic, social, and political basis for its power. The simply designed Web pages give information on the staff working on the project, a general background to the Inca Empire, and information on the various aspects of research being undertaken (including, but not limited to, ethnohistory, ethnography, and geoarchaeology). The fieldwork is still in progress and more details and information will be released as progress is made.


Controlled Keywords : Inca; Inca Empire; Central America; South America; history (discipline); histories; geography; human geography; physical geography; population geography; Native American

Language : eng;

Period : 15th Century; 16th Century; 1400 1532

Geographic Name : Inca; Inca Empire; Central America; South America

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