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Title : Centro regionale per la progettazione e il restauro

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The website of the "Centro Regionale per la Progettazione e il Restauro" of Palermo publishes information about this Sicilian centre for the restoration of monuments; a list of publications by members of staff; information on the most recent projects; progress toward the production of a "carta del rischio" (map of endangered monuments); the CRPR/InForma journal, with illustrated articles, academic papers, news and reviews, available as PDF files, and a mailing list. Several articles in the journal and in the "progetti" section present restoration techniques used on organic and inorganic materials that have been applied to archaeological and architectural materials as well as paintings, mosaics statues and other artistic works. A substantial section focuses on the restoration works at Piazza Armerina, including the results of geophysical, archaeobotanical and stratigraphic (from test pits) analyses carried out during such works. Among the topics explored in papers and articles (all in Italian) are: the Roman villa at Piazza Armerina; the Naskhi slabs at Palazzo Abatellis; geological study of rocks used in Sicilian monuments; biotechnologies applied to restoration of organic materials; dendrochronology applied to trees in historical landscapes; the restoration of musical instruments; palinology at Phoenician Motya; restoration of paintings by Antonello da Messina and Caravaggio; X-rays and paintings; conservation of metallic artefacts.


Controlled Keywords : Centro regionale per la progettazione ed il restauro; Sicily; restoration (process); preservation (function);

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