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Title : Culture & the mind

Description :
'Culture & the Mind' is a five-year interdisciplinary research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The project seeks to "investigate the philosophical consequences of the impact of culture on the mind and the cognitive and evolutionary foundations of culture." The project has three main areas of investigation, each of which have short summaries on the website: 'Folk Psychology & Folk Epistemics'; 'Norms & Moral Psychology'; and 'Artefacts & Material Culture'. The website has profiles of the Project Director and members of the Organising Committee, and hyperlinks to their external websites. The project will run until 2009, and there are plans to place publications online on the website in future.


Uncontrolled Keywords : enculturation; consciousness studies (philosophy); social aspects of human consciousness; social cognition; culture and cognition; moral psychology; folk psychology; folk beliefs; cultural behaviour; evolutionary psychology

Controlled Keywords : philosophy; culture; cognition; material culture (discipline)

Language : eng;

Period : 2000 - present;

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