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Title : University of Minnesota : study skills resources

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The University of Minnesota (USA) study skills Web pages provide detailed advice and information on various aspects of university core skills. The website is aimed at undergraduates at the University of Minnesota but the online resources are open-access and contain much that would be useful to any higher education students. Extensive advice is offered on the following: exams; general study skills (including memory skills and learning styles); motivation and concentration; note taking; reading; stress management; themes and term papers; and time management. Each section includes links to more in-depth advice and there are numerous quizzes and step-by-step guides to facilitate learning and implementation of the skills. There are also specific sections for foreign language learning and maths and science. Each section is available to download as a printable PDF.


Uncontrolled Keywords : study skills; core skills; examinations; note taking; lectures; reading; academic writing; time management; stress; motivation; concentration

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