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Title : Odes of Horace

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This excellent online resource, put together by an enthusiast, is devoted to the Odes (carmina) of the Latin poet Horace (65-8 BCE). The key feature of the website is a selection of Horace's poetry, in both Latin and English translation; each ode is accompanied by a synopsis and detailed critical notes/commentary. Among other things, the commentaries clarify linguistic points, elaborate upon obscure references, give cross-references to other ancient texts, and provide links to other relevant websites. Each ode is accompanied by a selection of different English translations in a variety of styles; this feature will be invaluable for anyone teaching these texts in translation and wishing to compare different versions of the poems. Featured translators include: Robert Herrick (1591-1674); Richard Fanshawe (1608-1664); Thomas Creech (1659-1700); Samuel Johnson (1709-1784); Edward George Earle Bulwer Lytton (1803-1873); William Ewart Gladstone (1809-1898); and Franklin P. Adams (1881-1960). Also provided is a variety of other literary responses to, and adaptations of, the poetry of Horace; these will be of particular interest to those researching the modern (post-Renaissance) reception of classical texts. Other featured texts on the website include: Suetonius' Life of Horace (in Latin and English); poems on Horace by Eugene Field (1850-1895), Austin Dobson (1840-1921) and Alfred Austin (1835-1913); the Encyclopaedia Britannica's entry on Horace; and Latin prose paraphrases of Horace's odes. The site is easy to navigate and contains a wealth of useful resources relating to this ancient Latin poet who has received little attention elsewhere on the Web.


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Period : 18th Century; 19th Century; 20th Century (1900 - 1945); 750 - 1 BCE; 65-8 BCE

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