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Title : Calendar of patent rolls

Description :
Digitised images of the published Calendar of Patent Rolls covering the period 1216 to 1452 can be browsed or searched for free on this site created by G.R. Boynton and the University of Iowa Libraries. Recording royal grants and orders made by letters patent, or open, the patent rolls are an essential source for English medieval history, whether political, social, legal, financial, ecclesiastical or diplomatic. Whilst the published Calendars of Patent Rolls are available in academic libraries and the original manuscripts are held in The National Archives, through this site the contents are much more accessible. However, there are problems with this website, which consists of scanned pages from the published Calendar of Patent rolls, with a front page that offers only a simple browse or search facility. There is no explanation of how to use the website and no introduction to the patent rolls themselves, presumably because the site was created as a teaching resource for students at University of Iowa. However, as the first attempt to digitise the contents of the Calendar of Patent Rolls, this remains a useful resource, particularly for historians and researchers already familiar with their contents. For the period 1216 to 1232, the full text of the patent rolls is provided and is in Latin, whilst from 1232 to 1452, the text is calendared and is in English.


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Language : eng; lat;

Period : 13th Century; 14th Century; 15th Century; 1216-1452;

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