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Title : Philosophy compass

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Philosophy Compass (ISSN 1747-9991) is an online scholarly journal which publishes original peer-reviewed surveys of research and other significant works from across the discipline. It fills a gap left by existing guides within the subject by focussing on the most up-to-date development in philosophy. The materials are organised according to Authors' names as well as the following themes: Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art; Continental; Epistemology; Ethics; History of Philosophy; Legal and Political; Logic and Language; Metaphysics; Mind and Cognitive Science; Naturalistic Philosophy; Philosophy of Science; and Philosophy of Religion. While this is a subscription-based journal, free trials are available from this site, together with sample articles and abstracts of all materials published. The site also provides information about its editorial board and on how to subscribe to the journal. This resource is published by Wiley-Blackwell Publishing under the general editorship of Brian Weatherson of Cornell University.


Uncontrolled Keywords : aesthetics; philosophy of art; continental philosophy; epistemology; ethics; history of philosophy; legal philosophy; political philosophy; metaphysics; philosophy of mind; cognitive philosophy; naturalistic philosophy; philosophy of science; philosophy of religion; Chinese philosophy; comparative philosophy; philosophy surveys; research surveys

Controlled Keywords : philosophy;

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