Record Number : 26352 of 13452

Title : Nineteenth century serials edition

Description :
This three year project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) seeks to publish and preserve selected 19th Century periodicals and newspapers. The records were chosen for digitisation not only for their individual significance, but also because they represent under researcher areas. They include significant weeklies and monthlies spanning a variety of subjects and readerships: Northern Star (mid-century; working-class); Monthly Repository and its supplement the Unitarian Chronicle (radical, middle-class, Unitarian); Leader (progressive, liberal, secular); English Woman’s Journal (mid-century, feminist); Tomahawk (satirical); Publishers’ Circular (print trade). By conceiving of multiple titles across the century as a single edition, it is hoped that it broadens the research reach of 19th Century historical research.


Uncontrolled Keywords : 19th Century; progressive; liberal; secular; feminists; satirical; print trade;

Controlled Keywords : Northern Star; Monthly Repository; Unitarian Chronicle; Leader; English Woman’s Journal; Tomahawk; Writing and Publishing - Publishers’ Circular;

Language : eng;

Period : 19th Century;

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