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Title : Rutherford journal : the New Zealand journal for the history and philosophy of science and technology

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The Rutherford Journal is an online journal that publishes invited articles, and critical notices, from leading international scholars in the history and philosophy of science and technology. It is edited by Professor Jack Copeland of the Philosophy Department of the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. The journal has been published annually since December 2005, and the full texts of the articles of this and subsequent volumes are freely available as HTML files. The articles include original contributions from: Rom Harré; Alan Chalmers; Margaret Boden; and Alan Musgrave. Many of the articles include JPEG images which, although welcome and often instructive, can pose a problem for printing.


Uncontrolled Keywords : history of science; history of technology; philosophy of science

Controlled Keywords : University of Canterbury. Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies; Canterbury University College (Christchurch, N.Z.); pi7048; pi7201

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