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Title : Selected works of the Levellers

Description :
Selected Works of the Levellers is an online collection of primary documents from 17th century speeches, pamphlets and petitions, providing access to the ideas and debates which arose between radicals such as the Levellers and Diggers with the Parliamentarian authorities during the English Civil War and Interregnum period (1640-1660). The documents are extracted and collated from several printed in the Andrew Sharp collection published by Cambridge University Press. The addition of further collections of contemporary radical documents from the English Civil War period are planned. Related documents by later historians and writers are also being added, which are useful for studying the historiography of the period. This growing online library is part of the Constitution Society's "Liberty Library" of documents charting the development of constitutional freedoms in the United States and other countries, including Britain.


Uncontrolled Keywords : English Civil War; pamphlets; radicalism; radical movements; 17th century; Levellers; Diggers; political philosophy; political rights; constitutional history; John Lilburne; New Model Army; republicanism

Controlled Keywords : English Civil War, Great Britain, 1642-1649; Radicals Great Britain; Levellers; Diggers

Language : eng;

Period : 17th Century; 1640-1650

Geographic Name : Great Britain

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