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Title : Blombos Cave project

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Blombos Cave is an important Middle and Late Stone Age site in South Africa, discovered in 1991 by the author of this website, Chris Henshilwood, who is also excavating it. The website publishes a series of illustrated articles on the discovery and excavation of the cave (click on pictures to enlarge them); a gallery of pictures; and an updated and extensive bibliography with several publications freely available in PDF format. There are three main phases of occupation of the cave in the Pleistocene, and more recent evidence of occupation during the Holocene. Phase M1 (Middle Pleistocene) is characterised by "high densities of bifacial points"; bone tools (one engraved); perforated shell beads (Nassarius kraussianus); and ochre. In the 75,000 year old levels archaeologists have found two engraved ochre plaques with a criss-cross pattern, which has been interpreted as some of the earliest evidence of art. A section also contains recent press releases. It is possible to make a donation or buy pictures. This website may be useful to both researchers and students.


Controlled Keywords : Blombos Cave; South Africa

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Period : 150000 - 40000 BCE (Middle Palaeolithic);

Geographic Name : Blombos Cave

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