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Title : Ministry of Hajj

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The Ministry of Hajj is the authority responsible for implementing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's policy on all matters relating to the Hajj (pilgrimage). It oversees the services provided to performers of Hajj and Umrah (an optional pilgrimage that can be performed at any time of the year); and coordinates with local government authorities and officials of other countries on issues pertaining to the Hajj and Umrah. This official website provides extensive information about the Ministry's work and those that would be of significance to prospective pilgrims (e.g. visa requirements; preparation for Hajj; and the services available). The site would also be of interest to students of Islam and indeed anyone wishing to learn more about the religion. It provides a useful overview of Islam which comprises issues like its history; central tenets; sacred text; religious practices and rituals. On the Hajj itself, other resources include: a photo gallery of major sites along the piligrimage route; maps; audio and visual recordings of the ritual; safety films; and a list of FAQs. This well-presented site contains a search engine, and can be accessed in English and French.


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