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Title : Athenaeum library of philosophy

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The Athenaeum Library offers a vast online collection of non-copyright philosophical texts and commentaries. These include primary and secondary source material from classical to contemporary sources. Abelard's 'Historia Calamitatum', Descartes' 'Meditations', Heidegger's 'Existence and Being' and Russell's ''Philosophy for Laymen' are among a growing collection running to hundreds of texts. The whole collection may be searched via alphabetical entries, which are listed in full on the main page. It may also be accessed through sub-libraries, under the headings of famous names, such as the Hegel Library, or schools of philosophy, such as the Experientialist Library. A useful addition to the resource would be further information on its creator, Jud Evans, and the policy used to decide on texts for addition to the collection. However, it is well-presented, user-friendly and comprehensive, so as long as care is taken in verifying sources and citing references, it is an excellent starting point.


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