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Title : Assyrian and Babylonian intellectual heritage project database (Melammu)

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The Assyrian and Babylonian Intellectual Heritage Project (Melammu) is an international academic research project focusing on Mesopotamia between the 13th century and the advent of the Islamic period. This website publishes some information about the project and the full database produced as part of the Melammu research project. The encyclopaedic entries (about 4,000 at the time of review) are referenced and can be browsed or searched by keyword. The arguments are divided according to religious and ideological doctrines and imagery; religious and ideological symbols and iconographic motifs; religious festivals, cults, rituals and practices; religious and philosophical literature and poetry; scientific knowledge and scholarly lore; visual arts and architecture; crafts and economy; administrative systems; army and warfare; judiciary and legislature; language, communication, libraries and education; and Assyrian Identity. There is also a bibliographic database and the authors welcome submissions of new entries in either database by filling the appropriate forms in the website.

Several symposia have been organised by the Melammu team; information on past and forthcoming symposia, as well as related publications, are available selecting "Melammu Symposia". All papers presented in the past symposia that have been published are are also available online in PDF format. The volumes include "The Heirs of Assyria"; "Mythology and Mythologies"; "Ideologies as Intercultural Phenomena"; "Schools of Oriental Studies and the Development of Modern Historiography"; and " Commerce and Monetary Systems in the Ancient World". This website may be useful to both researchers and students.


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