Record Number : 20074 of 13452

Title : Anglo-Saxon charters

Description :
The British Academy funded Anglo-Saxon Charters (ASChart) project publishes here the whole corpus of charters written in Anglo-Saxon England before AD 900. The charters are accessible by Sawyer number; archive; invocation; proem; dispositive word; curse; promulgation; or dating clause. The full text of each charter is available with cross references to the Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (PASE) database. Special sentences or words appear highlighted (XML tagging) and it is possible to perform searches of similar occurrences across the whole database, but the highlight can be removed. The texts are in Latin, with a short introduction in English. In the earliest charter, dated 28 April 604 AD, king Æthelberht granted land for a church at Rochester. There is an extensive bibliography. This is a fundamental resource for the study of Anglo-Saxon Britain.


Controlled Keywords : Anglo-Saxon; charter; church; royal; law;

Language : eng; lat;

Period : 500 - 1000 CE;

Geographic Name : England

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