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Title : ATLA (American Theological Library Association) catalog

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The ATLA (American Theological Library Association) Catalog Web page gives details of various ATLA products that may be of interest to theologians. Access to three free online databases is provided: the Research in Ministry index of project reports and theses by Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Missiology students; the Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative, which offers digital images (including photographs, artwork, manuscripts, and so on) useful for the study and teaching of religion; and APCAT, the catalogue of the ATLA Preservation Program, which records bibliographic information for theological publications which have been preserved on microform.

The site also provides information about the ATLA Religion Database (though the database itself requires an institutional subscription, and cannot be accessed through the site). With over 1.4 million records, the database is the foremost index of scholarly journal articles, reviews, and essays published in multi-author works. A very valuable set of resources for theologians.


Controlled Keywords : American Theological Library Association; bibliographic databases; articles; theses; microforms; theology; religion (discipline)

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