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Title : Bible and the visual imagination

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The Bible and the Visual Imagination is a research centre based in the University of Wales, Lampeter's Theology and Religious Studies Department. Its interest is the visual representation of biblical imagery ranging from the fine arts to popular devotional imagery. The website provides details of the centre's current research projects, which include: Imaging the Bible in Wales; the Bible and Art: Towards an Interdisciplinary Methodology; the Bible and the Moving Image; and Biblical Subjects in Jewish and Islamic Art. One of the most valuable resources on the site is the 'Biblical Artwork from Wales, 18251975' database.


Uncontrolled Keywords : graveyards; headstones; visual culture; nonconformist; Christian; Jewish; film; cinema; research centres

Controlled Keywords : Wales--United Kingdom; University of Wales, Lampeter, Dept. of Theology, Religious Studies & Islamic Studies; Welsh; visual arts; churches; chapels (rooms or structures); sociology of religion; religion (discipline); history (discipline); art history; synagogues; Bible; picture Bibles; biblical studies; stained glass (visual works); windows; cemetaries; tombstones; sepulchral monuments; church art; Christianity; dissenters; Judaism; Judaica; landscapes (environments); motion pictures (information artifacts); moving images; research centers;

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