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Title : Centro ricerche archeologiche e scavi di Torino

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The "Centro ricerche archeologiche e scavi di Torino" focuses on research in the Middle East and publishes on its official website short illustrated reports of its field activities. The reports are available selecting "progetti" from the menu on the top and then "progetti di ricerca". It is possible to access the individual reports by browsing by name or using a convenient map. Reports are available for excavations carried out in Italy (GIS survey of the Verbano, Cusio and Ossola area; virtual reconstruction of a Greek capitel from the Greek temple at Marasí , Locri Epizefiri; temple E of Selinunte); Tunisia (Carthage; Colonia Iulia Pietas Tertiadecimanorum Uthina); Lebanon (Beirut); Jordan (Jerash); Iraq (Seleucia on the Tigris; Choche; Nimrud; Hatra; Hamrin dam; Kifrin; Eski Mosul dam; Ninive; museum of Baghdad); Iran; Turkmenistan (Nisa - Mithradatkert); Pakistan (Udegram). Most reports are just introductions to the research projects and contain limited useful information. Among the most interesting and referenced reports are those of Carthage, focusing on the ancient harbours of the Punic town, between the second and third Punic war (202-146 BC); Nisa, focusing on clay figurines, rhyta, marble and metal sculptures; Seleucia, focusing on clay figurines, ceramics, seals and architectural structures such as the archives, the stoa and the southern square; Nimrud, focusing on artistic finds dated to the period of king Sin-shar-riskum; and Nineveh, focusing on the conservation of the palace of Sennacherib.


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