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This website focuses on ancient Parthia and is aimed primarily at students. Parthian history is almost unknown until 53 BC, when the Parthians defeated the Roman legions that attempted the conquest of Persia. the struggle for power in Persia between Rome and Parthia continues until 224 AD, when the Sasanid Empire replaces Parthia, and continues thereafter. The Parthians were the only people who stopped the Roman expansion by repeatedly defeating Roman legions, though they also suffered several defeats themselves. There is copious historical and geographical information on the website with maps, chronological tables and some illustrations. In particular, all main historical events and locations are clearly outlined. A very interesting section focuses on Parthian coins, with tables of inscriptions and photographs. There are also some statistical analyses produced on the whole database. The author is also developing a special font, which can be downloaded along with other fonts designed for the study of ancient coins. References for all coins are provided. Photographs and details of coins sold at recent auctions are also available. This section has been authored by several people, some amateur and some academic archaeologists, and may interest researchers. There are also some pages with basic information about the art and culture of Parthia with hyperlinks to other resources. The website also includes a special section publishing the results of the ongoing archaeological excavations at Nisa. There is a search facility; an incomplete site map; a mailing list; a list of recent additions to the website; and an extensive bibliography.


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