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Title : musée achéménide

Description :
The virtual Achaemenid museum is a multimedia-rich interactive website focusing on the Achaemenid Empire (ca. 560 to 330 BC), also known as Persian Empire. The website publishes a database of artefacts from several museums representing a broad selection of categories and archaeological sites of provenance. It is possible to browse the artefacts in the "consultation" section by museum; archaeological site; category; or iconographic theme. A large sub-section publishes drawings by early travellers to the region. Any object can be saved as link in a special section, "my archive". Section "discovery" publishes a few audio and video presentations of key topics such as the "The Middle-East 550 B.C."; "Cyrus' conquests"; and "Pasargades". The help section is also a brief multimedia presentation and it is very useful to familiarise with the interface. At the bottom left there is a menu which allows to perform keyword searches, to add and access the records saved in "my archive" and to jump to any previously accessed record. For each record there are a few textual details and generally at least one picture, often more than one. Captions and texts change according to the picture displayed, and therefore multiple records may be available for a single object, one for each available photograph or drawing. At the top of each picture there is a menu labelled "tools", which allows zooming; reversing colours; transforming to greyscale; pan; copy; and paste pictures. Among the categories are buildings (architectures); coins; paintings; statues; vessels (both ceramic and metal vessels); and others.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Achaemenids; Persia

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Period : 750 - 1 BCE;

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