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Title : Bibliothèque nationale de France

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The website of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (National Library of France) is a veritable treasure trove of resources for A Level students, undergraduates, postgraduates, academics, and teachers of French and History. The site is in French and English, although the English version is not as extensive as its French counterpart. It contains numerous resources, of which Gallica is probably one of the most useful. Gallica consists of an extensive collection of digitalised and downloadable texts in French, including: illuminated manuscripts of both the West and the East; portraits of musicians; Gallica Utopie (containing a canon of French literature); Gallica Proust; African Voyages; and Voyages in France. The Gallica Classique section contains over 1,000 volumes, among which are a complete set of Balzac's La Comédie Humaine; Diderot; Montaigne; Corneille; and Laclos. In addition to Gallica there are online exhibitions on China; Napoleon; Renaissance Drawings; Zola; Gustave LeGray; and Victor Hugo. Details of the collections' catalogues and departments, cultural programmes, and teaching resources enhance this site and it is, as expected, lavishly illustrated.


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